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The LIFEPLUS system is an innovative application of augmented reality and real time 3D graphics applied to archaeological sites. It comprises two applications in one system.

The first application, termed the AR-Guide is a mobile computer, which provides navigation aid and audio-visual information to touring users of the site. The second, termed the AR-Life simulator, uses the same hardware platform for reviving life in its original settings using real-time camera tracking and high quality virtual human simulation with body, facial, clothes as well as plant simulation. Both the AR-Guide and the AR-Life integrated applications are fully following the original LIFEPLUS specifications.

Finally the first LIFEPLUS demonstrator has been successfully realized in May2003 in Pompeii, in full accordance to the technical annex and the project timeline schedule. Both AR-Guide and AR-LIFE modules where demonstrated on the Pompeii site, in full operational mode.

Following figures illustrate some results:

Final AR-Life Simulator

Final Real-time AR-Life Simulation
(What the visitor witnesses through his/her i-glasses )