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Lourakis, FORTH

Detecting Planes In An Uncalibrated Image Pair

BMVC '02,

2-5 th September 2002

Stoddart, VMSL

Computer Vision in the post-production industry

BMVC '02,

2-5 th September 2002

N. Magnenat-Thalmann, UNIGE

The project LIFEPLUS, simulation of virtual life in Pompeii


2 nd -3 rd October 2002

Vlahakis, INTRACOM

LIFEPLUS: First encounters with an ancient life simulator and electronic guide for archaeological sites


2 nd -3 rd October 2002

Papagiannakis, UNIGE

Revival of Life in Ancient Pompei

VSMM02, invited paper

21 st October 2002

Marxiano Melloti [UNIMI]

"Un jour à Pompéi avec Lifeplus. Réalité virtuelle entre archéologie et tourisme"

: "Deuxièmes Rencontres Monaco et la Méditerranée: Nouvelles Technologies au service du Patrimoine Méditerranéen"

15 th March 2003

Michael Ponder [EPFL]

"VHD++ Development Framework: Towards Extendible, Component Based VR/AR Simulation Engine Featuring Advanced Virtual Character Technologies"


9 th July 2003

Vassilios Vlahakis [INTRACOM]

"A Ubiquitous, Personalized Augmented Reality Tour Guide in Ancient Pompeii "

IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine

September 2003

George Papagiannakis [UNIGE]

"Recreating daily life in Pompeii with VR and AR"


18 th September 2003

Manolis Lourakis [ FORTH ]

"Efficient 3D Camera Matchmoving Using Markerless, Segmentation-Free Plane Tracking"

Technical Report 324, Inst. of Computer Science, FORTH

30 th September 2003

Thanos Demiris [INTRACOM]

"Multi-Modal User Interaction and Real-Time Rendering Techniques for a Mobile Cultural Heritage Augmented Reality Tour Guide"

Arts and Cultural Heritage: Digital Art Technologies, Applications and Policy

31 st October 2003

Vassilios Vlahakis [INTRACOM]

"Design and application of the LIFEPLUS Augmented Reality System for continuous, context-sensitive guided tours of indoor and outdoor cultural sites and museums"


5 th November 2003

Marxiano Melloti [UNIMI]

"Le projet « Lifeplus » à Pompéi: comment redonner vie aux sites archéologiques"

Ministère de la culture et de la communication, Mission de la recherche et de la technologie, Journal

novembre-decembre 2003

Vassilios Vlahakis [INTRACOM]

"Experiences in applying augmented reality techniques to adaptive, continuous guided tours"


26-28 January 2004

N. Magnenat-Thalmann [UNIGE]

"Modeling of Bodies and Clothes for Virtual Environments"


July 2004

Vassilios Vlahakis [INTRACOM]

"LIFEPLUS Cultural heritage dissemination on a wide range of client devices: from the simple handheld to the advanced AR platform"

Multi-Platform e-Publishing

11-12 November 2004

George Papagiannakis [UNIGE]

"Mixing Virtual and Real scenes in the site of ancient Pompeii "

Journal Of Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds

December 2004