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The Consortium is led by FORTH (Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas) for the financial and administrative aspects and by MIRALab (University of Geneva) for the technical aspects and both will share the responsibilities for the overall Project Management and Administration. In LIFEPLUS there are 11 industrial and research leading partners including FORTH and MIRALab, which they will bring together their complementary expertise to push the state of the art in Augmented Reality Technology and its novel applications:

FORTH: The Foundation for Research and Technology -Hellas is one of the two main national research centres in Greece and amongst the leading national research institutes in Europe for information systems, image processing & computer vision, robotics, machine learning, VLSI design, and decision support systems.

VMSL: Part of the OMG group whose products are applied across a range of markets and applications from visual effects in blockbuster movies (Star Wars, Gladiator) to virtual environment engineering (BMW, Peugeot, and Renault). In April 2001 VMSL released 'boujou', the world's first automatic non-real-time matchmover

Amongst the leading software companies specialising in the modelling and behaviour of 3D virtual plants and trees providing innovative solutions based on the AMAP™ technology.

IGD Fraunhofer: One of the most important European research institutes in Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality technologies with focus on Virtual and Augmented Reality, High-quality rendering, Computer Vision and Image Processing and Innovative 3D-interaction and display techniques

The dominant player in the Greek Telecommunications market and a key player and exporter of telecommunication equipment and services in Balkan, Middle Eastern, and East European countries, with strong presence in more than 40 countries in Europe, the Middle East, the CIS countries, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

A leading research lab in the Simulation of Autonomous Virtual Humans.

A multidisciplinary research lab applying innovative and pioneering research in modelling and animation of all aspects of Virtual Humans.

A "one stop solution provider" for interactive, virtual characters and amongst the most well known German companies in the field of character design.

Among the unique technology brokers in the applied scientific research domain with focus in technological advances in land and cultural heritage sectors.

Archaeological Superintendence of Pompeii:
Responsible for the official curatorship and superintendence of the world-famous archaeological site of ancient Pompeii.

University of Milan:
Comprising of leading historians of ancient Rome, historians of Roman law and Pompeian archaeologists with focus on ancient Pompeian lifestyle.