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INTRODUCTION / objectives / description / milestones

Description of work

The goal of LIFEPLUS is to push the limits of current Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, exploring the processes of narrative design of fictional spaces (e.g. frescos-paintings) where users can experience a high degree of realistic interactive immersion. Based on a captured/real-time video of a real scene, the project is oriented in enhancing these scenes by allowing the possibility to render realistic 3D simulations of virtual flora and fauna (humans, animals and plants) in real-time. According to its key technology, visitors are provided with a see-through Head-Mounted-Display (HMD), earphone and mobile computing equipment. A tracking system determines their location within the site and audio-visual information is presented to them in context with their exploration, superimposed on their current view of the site.

LIFEPLUS will extend that system and provide key new technologies to render lively, real-time animations and simulations of ancient virtual life (3D human groups, animals and plants).By its very nature, LIFEPLUS is a highly interdisciplinary project involving computer vision, computer graphics, user interfaces, human factors, wearable computing, mobile computing, computer networks, distributed computing, information access and information visualization.

Two case study applications on virtual heritage will be developed and demonstrated. Historical world-class frescos-paintings will be 'brought to life', through lively 3D animated revival of their content, superimposed on their real environment. Thus the ancient characters of the frescoes (including humans, animals and plants) will be revived and simulated in real-time in 3D, exhibiting in a new innovative manner their unique aesthetic, dramaturgical and emotional elements.